Object Lessons

Working for God

Objects: Hills

Back on our New Hampshire farm there were two horses I especially liked. One because I was watchful of him and because strangers would keep a good distance from his heels and from his teeth,—the other I loved because she was so gentle and kind and steady.

The gentle one I liked to ride and drive, and lay my head on her neck and feed apples from my hand. The other, because I was a boy, I suppose, I simply was proud of when visitors came around because he could go fast and looked wild. But when he came to hills he would get all excited and start to run up and then he would have to stop to rest every little while. But good old Molly just put her shoulders to the harness and steadily walked her load right to the top.

Just like the hard-working horse, it's the steady, dependable type of boy and girl that God wants for His hills of hard pulling in the church.

Then there is a hill that isn't a hill. Old Harry would be walking along and come to the top of a hill and looking ahead he would see another hill which went up and seemed very steep, so he would begin to run in order to get a start. But it never worried old Molly any. She seemed to know that her business was to get the load safely to the foot of the hill and somehow that hill which looked so steep had just flattened out to almost level.

I expect there are a lot of things you boys and girls dread, such as the dentist, but he really doesn't hurt—much! Then doing dishes and running errands are not nearly as steep hills when you really get at the job. God, you know, wants boys and girls who aren't afraid of pulling, and who start pulling without groaning.

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