Object Lessons

Working Cheerfully

Objects: Three Elephants

Can you imagine a person just walking up to an ele­phant in the circus and lifting him up high over his head. Do you think you could lift even a baby elephant? Yet the load pressure on an average size person is more than the weight of THREE elephants, all the time. What is the most important thing to the physical life? Is it food? No I One can live three weeks or more without food. Is it water? No, one can live three days without water. But you can only live two or three minutes without air. It's that air pressure that has the weight of three elephants upon us all the time that gives us life, and we never notice the load.

You know, boys and girls, I have learned that when I have a load on my mind, or heart, to lift, I just shut my mouth; then I try to whistle or sing a bit,—until that "three elephant" weight becomes as light as air, and then I wonder why it ever bothered me at all.

My father used to tell me as a boy that if I would lift the little lamb every day for a year I would then be lifting a sheep. You recall the story of the little girl who was carrying her brother on her back and was asked if he was not heavy. Her only response was "He's my brother."

The work you have to do will not depend so much on the load, as upon you just starting in to LIFT.

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