Object Lessons

Welcoming God

Objects: A door

Just as the glass windows in the lighthouse keep out the wind and the rain and the cold, and at the same time let the light of that great beacon at sea shine through and be seen from ships, so doors serve a double purpose.—They keep out and they let in.

In historic Old Deerfield, in Massachusetts, where many Indian massacres occurred, the old houses remain and in visiting that place, as I hope you will sometime, you will see great reinforcements of iron built into the doors of those old homes. Heavy locks and iron bars held them shut at night and often during the day. You see the Indians often would come down and attack the little village and they must be kept out.

Today we live in peace and there are no Indians to keep out, but doors are necessary just the same. There are flies and mosquitoes to keep out; there are snow and cold weather, and, too, there are small muddy feet to which doors seem to say "hold it, don't track mud in here."

Doors are also invitations to come in. Did you ever see those welcome signs on mats in front of the front door? And then usually the door is locked securely! I like to see an unlocked front door. I think that is the best way to say "Welcome." It shows also that the house is kept in order for anyone to see.

Boys and girls, you are God's house—see to it that you are kept clean inside and that you are always ready to shelter those in need, and shut out all wrong and evil thinking.

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