Object Lessons


Objects: Pictures of the Dead Sea

In that beautiful country of Palestine, the land about which the Bible tells so much, there are two lakes. These two lakes are connected by a river which drops over six hundred feet in its travel from that beautiful lake called Galilee to this other lake some seventy-five miles away. Jesus talked a lot about Lake Galilee. He and His disciples used to row their boats upon it and do some fishing and often drink from its cool waters. Small streams seem to enjoy entering that lake.

But this other lake is not so pleasant to think about. It is called dead. This Dead Sea is nearly thirteen hundred feet below the level of the Mediterranean. It is so greedy that it takes all the water and debris it can and selfishly keeps it all. It gives out nothing intentionally. It is so selfish that even fishes can't stand it to live in its water. It won't even let you swim in it. And the only way that fresh water can get away from its clutches is by climbing up a sunbeam—leaving behind just murk and mud and salt.

So you see, because it just dug a hole for itself and lived so selfishly in it everybody called the lake dead.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people something like that; Jesus used to meet such folks once in a while. Recall the story of the rich farmer. He was quite self-satisfied but I don't believe he had many friends.

Please always remember, if you want friends and happiness you must give as well as receive.

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