Tying to Christ

Objects: Buoys and Boys

A few summers ago, two men went fishing way out on the Atlantic Ocean in a small rowboat. One was a veteran fisherman, while it was a first experience for the other. There were many things that interested the new fisherman beside the fish he might catch and the depth of the water under him.

He noticed that there were many buoys placed at regular intervals to mark out a safe lane in which all boats were guided out of the harbor into the open ocean. These buoys were just upright sticks kept on top of the water by a float which was anchored. He learned that these and larger buoys had saved many a boat or ship from being wrecked on some hidden rock. He also found that these buoys were used to tie up to when the fishermen reached the point from which they were to fish, so that the boat would stay anchored in a steady position.

Wouldn't it be fine if boys and girls could be like these ocean buoys—anchored to Jesus Christ, yet floating around among their friends and showing them the right way to act and speak. If young people are securely attached to God in prayer—in kindness and honesty—sooner or later they will find others will want to tie up to them.

So boys and girls, like the buoys of the sea, are given a great duty to perform, to save others from making wreckage of their lives and so cheapening their value. You are here to mark the way to God.

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