Object Lessons

True Greatness

Objects: An Iron Bed

Riding through a town in Massachusetts not long ago I saw, right by the railroad depot, a great chair. I think all of us in the car remarked that we would like to sit in that chair. How small we would be. It would easily hold the four of us. You see that chair was built there to advertise the fact that the principal things made in that town were chairs. I happen to know that Gardner is a good town in which to live also because there are fine people there.

That chair, however, reminds me of an iron bed mentioned in the Bible. It belonged to a king. In fact King Og had it made especially for him, and about the only thing we know about that king is that he had to have an iron bed fifteen feet long and six feet, eight inches wide, he was so tall.

You know there are still a lot of people who delight in being great because of the things they make, or the car they own, or the house they live in or the money they have.

Somehow I think God is not so interested in the size of our hat, or the bigness of our shoe or even the gadgets on the bicycle we ride—but He is tremendously interested in the bigness of our character and the fineness of our soul.

Who ever thought of the size of Christ's bed, or chair, or sandals? Let us hear what Jesus really thinks of greatness of people:

"Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" "Whosoever shall humble himself as this child,  the same is the greatest."—Matthew 18:1 and 4.

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