Object Lessons

Training for God's Service

Objects: Seeds and Tomato Plants

When I was a youngster I used to "start" tomato plants in the house early in the spring or late winter by sowing the seeds in a box and placing it in a window where the sun would shine upon them. How eagerly I used to watch for the first shoot to come through the soil. Then every day I would water the tiny plants and stir the soil and do everything I could to make those plants grow faster and look healthy. When those plants were about an inch tall they seemed very close together so I would transplant them into other boxes so that each one could develop in its own way. Then came the warm weather and I took those plants which had grown now to ten or twelve inches in height, and transplanted them the second time into rich outdoor ground in the garden in nice even straight rows.

Of course I still had to water those plants for a few days until they took root and became strong enough to find their own nourishment and grow. All summer they grew and what beautiful and juicy fruit they finally produced.

I couldn't help but think how much like that you young folks are. God gave you to your mother and rather and how tenderly they cared for you, and watched you grow week by week and year by year. Each one of you is different from the other and parents have to know how to transplant you into your own type of interest—but whatever you do your parents have planted you in fine, clean soil, and in straight rows. They have given you a good start in life and now it is up to you to produce good fruit and make them proud of you.

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