Object Lessons


Objects: Erasers

While shopping in the five and ten cent store one day I stopped at the pencil counter. I noticed something rather odd. Almost every pencil had an eraser on it—and right beside the pencils that had no erasers on them were a lot of separate erasers for sale. Every one of those pencils seemed to expect that everyone who bought a pencil would want an eraser to go with it.

Now, an eraser is put on a pencil for one chief reason: To erase our mistakes. It has become such a habit with us to expect to make mistakes that we always buy pencils with erasers on them.

Do you know, I think that if we didn't have an eraser so handy—we wouldn't make so many mistakes.

It just occurs to me, my young friends, that you and I make a lot of mistakes—and then when someone notices them we try to defend them or just laugh them off. Perhaps if we didn't have that kind of eraser so handy we would think more and make less mistakes.

I feel that Jesus was too conscientious to just laugh off mistakes—Jesus was so anxious to live a worthwhile life and a helpful one that He thought out, carefully, what God would want Him to do—so he made NO mistakes to erase. He held life too sacred and too valuable as well as too short to spend it in erasing mistakes.

Objects: A Loaf of Bread

On Thanksgiving Day I presume all you boys and girls have a big dinner. Grandmother and grandfather are coming and many of the cousins and an aunt or two with the uncles who furnish a lot of fun. You can hardly wait for dinner, and when it was finally over you could scarcely move. It sure was a big turkey and there was plenty of everything else that is supposed to go with a Thanksgiving feast. I wonder if any of you noticed, however, that there was no bread on the table.

Now there are a lot of families right here in America who would be glad if they had a nice big fresh loaf of bread and a little butter for their Thanksgiving dinner. I'm sure if there are any in your community you will see to it that they have a few slices of your turkey and a good share of everything else you have. And don't forget that loaf of bread—it may not be fixed up in a grand style but it's healthy and somehow when I think of a loaf of bread and a cup of cold water I feel happily humble, for there are so many people who depend on it. Also Jesus had quite a lot to say about bread and even likened Himself to it. I like those poetic lines which read:

"Back of the loaf is the snowy flour,
And back of the flour the mill.
Back of the mill is the seed and shower
And the Sun, and the Father's Will."

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