Object Lessons

The Triune God

Objects: Three Trees

I wonder if you were ever lost in the woods.   I was once and I assure you it is not a pleasant sensation. In fact, if it is near nightfall, one is pretty thoroughly scared when he suddenly realizes that he doesn't know his way out.

There is about only one safe thing to do when you are lost in a deep woods if you expect to get out and not walk in circles. Walk in a straight line by sighting along three trees. You will find, as I did, that if you are lost and remember to sight by three trees to follow a straight line you will be so anxious to keep on that straight path that you will climb over rocks and boulders, through swamps, and perhaps wait half an hour for a skunk or a snake to get out of your way. But it is worth it because sooner or later you will suddenly come out into a clearing where you can get your bearings. Hungry and thirsty and ready to go to bed you reach home in safety.

Now I'm sure that all you boys and girls want to know God better and have Him real in your lives as you grow older seeking success as men and women. Just as you sight by three trees to keep in a straight line to find your home I suggest that you set God up before you as a Father who loves and cares for you; and Jesus Christ as His Son who tells us the Way of living; and then set up prayer and worship as you think of the Holy Spirit and keep these three thoughts always straight before you and you will reach the clearing of God's love and you will find happiness and contentment.

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