Object Lessons

The Power of God

Objects: A Clock

I think a clock is a most interesting, as well as intricate, piece of mechanism. I really miss the ticking of the clock in these days. I like to go into homes where the old grandfather clock is ticking loudly in the hall or on the stair. I do wish I had one. It sounds so homey and gives an added note of welcome. You kind of get to loving a clock because you have to attend to it if it's the old style one that you have to wind up every eight days or perhaps every night. After it's all wound up it seems to take on new life and to say to you, " I won't have to be wound up again, I can run all by myself now." Well, so it can for a while, but it soon gets tired and " runs " down.

But really and truly I wouldn't go back to the old clocks, because when I look at the clock in our living room, even though I have been away for a month, I KNOW what time it really is. It doesn't depend wholly on me, but gets its ability and strength to keep running directly from the power house, miles away. To be sure I have to get it started right but after that the power is greater than I.

Sometimes we see boys and girls like the clock that tries to think it can run all by itself. He says he does not need the church or its school and sometimes ignores his own parents. But I watched such children grow up and they soon run down and wish they knew more about right and about God so we try to change them over and set them right and if they will only keep their connection with the Great Power House of God untarnished and unbroken they will become most valuable men and women. Start now and tie up with God for your power, that all may know the correctness of life.

Objects: Hoops

I saw a small child, the other day, running down the street by our house and just ahead of him a small hoop was rolling easily along. Once in a while he would touch it, more to guide it than to roll it. He was really running to keep up with the hoop. Pretty soon he came back—but he was walking and rolling the hoop with a short stick.

I watch the boys and girls riding their bicycles and I notice that they coast a lot as they go down by, but coming up they are working with their pedals.

Now just take the roller coaster—it rushes down that steep incline and at the bottom it looks up and sort of shakes its head, but starts up—however, about half­way up it has to have help from the cogwheel machinery.

Whether it's a freight train or a boy doing "cart wheel" turns, it's done easier going down grade. In fact, boys and girls, hoops and other things run by themselves only when rolling down hill.

Anything that is hard to roll or difficult to move has to have a power behind it. Who rolled away that heavy stone from the tomb where Jesus was laid? God did it.

Did you ever lose your temper and see yourself go down hill? It's pretty easy to roll down hill in a lot of ways but if you want to make the grade you must keep close to Jesus, for there is the Power.

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