Object Lessons

The Need for Loyalty

Objects: A Weasel

In studying about this little animal, the weasel, I have decided that he probably is about the meanest of them all. There is just one place in the whole Bible where mention is made of the weasel—and even there he is not in very good grace or company. We can stand the mouse or the lizard, even though we don't like them very much, but the weasel—oh, he is so smooth and sly and tricky, he is just mean all the way through.

He sneaks up into trees and steals birds' eggs. He worms his sly way into a rabbit's nest and quickly sucks the blood of the young rabbits. He does the same with little chickens at night. He is so slippery he squirms and twists his way through the smallest holes, always bent on some mischief.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt once said of lying, bribing politicians: "They speak weasel words." By this he meant that they promised a lot of things but never intended to keep their promises. Promises tell a great deal about a person.

When you promise your mother you will wash the dishes at supper time be sure you are right on the job after the meal is over.

That great missionary, David Livingstone, wanted to cross the continent of Africa so he promised the natives that if they would guide him across he would come back with them. Although he was sick and had to be carried, and a ship was waiting to take him to England, he kept his promise to those natives. There were no weasel words about Livingstone. There were never any weasel actions about Jesus. And all true Christians should always remember what the Psalmist said:

"Who shall dwell in thy holy hill? .  . . He that walketh uprightly and speaketh truth in his heart."—Psalm 15:1 and 2.

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