Object Lessons

Telling of Christ

Objects: A Fuse

A new house was just completed by the contractor and it was all wired for electric lights. A man looking through this fine new dwelling and seeing an electric light switch turned it on—but there was no light. He was informed that the main fuse had not yet been put into place.

Just the other day we read in our newspapers where a part of a great city was suddenly left in darkness and it was some time, nearly an hour, before the fuse, which had blown out, was replaced, and lights came on, elevators started running and the grills started cooking again.

Now, the power was all right and the bulbs were good and in place but they were not connected; and it just took a little fuse to complete the circuit.

It occurs to me that God wants to use you and me in some such way as that. God's love and God's word is the power which is sure and never failing. All about us are boys and girls who do not go to church or Sunday School,—who sometimes lie and cheat, and once in a while you hear them swearing and smoking. You and I know that Jesus does not mean very much to them and that we would like to give them that Light. God wants you to be that Fuse to make the connection. Tell those youngsters about Jesus and furthermore talk to God in prayer about them.

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