Object Lessons


Objects: Ladders

There is just one place in the whole Bible where a ladder is mentioned. I want you to look it up and read all about it in Genesis, the twenty-eighth chapter. The dictionary gives us two definitions of a ladder. The first is "a frame—for ascent" and the second is "that which resembles a ladder by means of which one attains to eminence."

There are many kinds of ladders—wooden ones; rope ones; claw ladders and brain ladders. I loaned my ladder to a boy once so that he could reach up in a tree branch and get his airplane down.

Did you ever watch a cat at the foot of a tree looking at a bird? Suddenly she makes up her mind and pulls out her ladder and up the tree she goes. Once a boy wanted to be President of the United States so he just brought out his brain ladder and by great effort Lincoln climbed.

Now, I have noticed that we use ladders when we want something that is out of reach,—we go up and get what we want and then come down with it. Lincoln would never have been President if he had not been the kind of man he was. He reached and got his education and then used it for people in trouble. At the same time throughout his life he was constantly using another kind of ladder just as Jesus did—a spiritual ladder,—a ladder of prayer and of worship and faith and love leading up to God and then living that kind of character right where he was.

When you think of ladders think of what you are after and how you are going to use it when it's brought down.

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