Object Lessons

Strength Against Temptation

Objects: Gates

There are many kinds of gates. For instance: there is the wooden gate and the iron gate; then there are gates of cork and cloth and wire and glass. Then, too, there are human gates and word gates.

Anything that stops a passageway may be called a gate. On a farm you see a lot of gates to stop cows and sheep and horses. These gates prevent the animals from getting into places they should not be—also from getting out of the yard they are in.

When your mother puts up preserves and jelly she pours paraffin over the top to keep out dirt and germs. That's a kind of gate—so is a cork in a bottle. A window gate is opened to let in the cool breeze and closed to keep out the snow. Gates are not all swinging ones. Some slide and some lift up or down.

People in New England know how a gate saved much of the city of Lowell, Mass., on March 19, 1936. It was at the time of the terrible flood when the Merrimack River rose higher than ever before, and was running through the canal system. Someone remembered a canal gate which was built in 1850. Eighty-six years ago Mr. James Francis, an engineer of twenty-two, built it and was always laughed at and the gate is known as Francis' Folly. For eighty-four years that gate had never been lowered until this dangerous flood. The river rose to record height and had it not been for this gate hundreds of families and millions of dollars would have been destroyed. That gate held back the Merrimack River and saved the people of Lowell.

So, I believe, God uses you as a gate to hold back boys and girls from wrongdoing and wrong speaking—and to keep them with you in God's fold of Christian Love.

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