Object Lessons

Speaking for Christ

Objects: Stencils

In cutting a stencil on my typewriter a while ago preparing to send out a notice to a group of men, I thought how much boys and girls are like that stencil. You see I first cut the letters on the stencil and then place the stencil in a machine which rolls it on the paper I wish to send out and the writing is reproduced clearly on any number of sheets, providing, of course, that ink is kept in contact with the stencil all the time.

How fine it would be if boys and girls would be a sort of stencil for God. How much easier His work would be and how much more He could accomplish in making this world what He plans it to be. I even believe God intended you to be His stencils. First you get stamped with God's love. Yes, you get more than merely stamped—you get His imprint cut right into your character so that it will stay there and then you are ready to stamp His message of Love, which now is made yours, upon your friends. How far your influence for God will go you will never know.

Of course the stencil must be kept clean and the ink must not be allowed to clog those tiny cuts by standing too long unused. I think cheerfulness on the part of boys and girls, in the work of the Church that Jesus wants done, will go a long way towards keeping God's message being stamped on the people of this and every community.

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