Object Lessons

Showing God to Others

Objects: Seeing Up by Looking Down

Did you ever see a very beautiful picture of a lake surrounded by trees and hills and the sun shining overhead with clouds floating by, like ships under full steam? Well, if you saw that picture lying on the table you doubtless wondered, for just a minute at least, which way up it should be hung on the wall. The reflection in that mirror lake was as real as the very trees; and clouds around it.

Not long ago as I was walking along a field I saw before me, on the ground, shapes moving—they looked like airplanes, but I knew as I looked down on the ground and saw those shapes in the sunlight that birds were UP above me.

When you want to study the stars through a telescope you train that instrument on some particular star and then look down into the mechanism and see the wonders of the night sky reflected there.

So I was thinking when I look at people and more especially young folks, I often see God just a bit more clearly. Are you the kind of boy and girl who really reflects Jesus to people around you? The best way to understand God is to know Jesus. And the best way to tell other people about Jesus is to be something like Him. God depends on you to make a better world by picturing Jesus to others who look at you and work and play with you.

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