Object Lessons

Shining for Christ

Objects: Light

I wonder how many of you boys and girls have ever seen that wonderful Statue of Liberty. It is the tallest statue in the world and cost six hundred thousand dollars to construct. Standing on the mainland and looking across at it, the statue does not look as big as it really is. Just to show how really big it is, the index finger alone is eight feet long.

Held high in the hand of this statue is a torch which is illuminated at night, and which seems to say to all strangers coming to our shores to visit or to live, whether of one race or another, from all the countries of the globe, "Welcome." It makes me think of that very beautiful reference in the Bible, "I have set thee to be a light."

You recall the story of David how he refused the armor offered him by the warriors and went forth to kill that giant holding God high in his trust of His protecting care, and so was unafraid.

Jesus came to us with the light of God held high always wherever He went. Every word He spoke seemed to be a real welcome to all to come to God through following Him and His teachings.

However big you are or how long your arm is, doesn't matter very much, my young friends, but in the things you do and in the words you speak,—in your play or at home or at school, think of that Statue of Liberty and hold your light high for God.

Objects: R. R.—X

When I was a young lad I used to drive two white horses along a country road; suddenly I would come right up to a railroad crossing. There was a warning sign just before reaching the tracks but at night no one could see it unless they were really looking for it. Today when you are out late at night with your father and mother on an unlighted highway you all at once see what seem to be little eyes staring at you which read " R. R.—X.," so dad slows down and looks and listens for he knows he is very near a railroad crossing. Whenever he comes to a fork in the road he knows which way to go because the headlights of his car shine on those little glass beads which say: "1—L," or " 3—S" or " 127—R."

Now those signs are as dark as the night around them until the light from some automobile shines upon them, and then how wonderfully they stand out for clear reading so that people may travel safely and without danger of getting on the wrong road.

Are you trying to live each day so that Jesus shines on ypur life in order that you may help steer your playmates right so that they won't be in danger of going wrong and getting into trouble by heedless and unkind words and acts?

God wants you to have the Light of Jesus shining in your heart, always, so that you may be a real guide, to lead your own actions right and so direct others. Be sure that others are able to read God's directions through you.

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