Object Lessons


Objects: Turkey

Many of our animals and birds are named either because of the sound of their speech, or by what they do. This big bird, the turkey, lived wild and in large numbers, when the Pilgrims came to these American shores. Because of the sound she made they called her a turkey, and because the male bird made a kind of "gobble-gobble" noise he has been known as the turkey gobbler.

Now, as you know, those Pilgrims were very thankful that they were alive, and that they were free; also they were thankful that they had made friends with the Indians. Up to then they had had a pretty hard time to get enough to eat, but God had been very good to them, so they decided to have one good dinner in token of His kindness, and the best of it was that they decided to share that meal with their friends, the Indians.

In preparation for that grand feast they went out hunting and brought in enough fine turkeys to last a week. It seemed that God knew they had suffered a lot and now He wanted to give them happiness.

Since that time America has been blessed most of the time. As long as we use the things of this world as though they belonged to God, and continue to thank Him for our good fortune He will surely provide and we shall find happiness in sharing the blessings we so easily find when we look for them.

So the Turkey has seemed to become a kind of symbol of Thanksgiving as it was God's saving gift to the Pilgrims to share freely with all.

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