Object Lessons

Seeing God Clearly

Objects: Windows

Boys and girls, look right straight at me and don't look to right or left—now then, How many windows are there in this church auditorium, just on the two sides?

All right, how many windows are there in your schoolroom?

How many in your kitchen? Now that you have guessed, look around and check up on how near right you are.

A window does one of two things or both.

It lets light through into the room.

It lets you see out from where you sit so that you can see what is going on outside and who is going by.

You have read about Noah's Ark and it is said that the Ark had a window—whatever kind of window it had it was used for those two purposes—to let light in and so that Noah could see out.

In thinking about windows I've been wondering if your schoolbooks and the daily newspapers are not windows.

I'm sure you will find the Bible a clear window through which you may look and see God and recognize Jesus more clearly. And in through that window comes His Light to show you how to live better.

But there is just one more window yet and that is you. You are boys and girls who go to church every Sunday and know how to pray correctly to God—and a lot of boys and girls will see Jesus, and the right way of true character through you. I do hope all of God's "windows" are kept clean.

Objects: A Knothole View

You have heard of a bird's eye view and a worm's eye view; perhaps you have heard of an airplane eye view. You have climbed trees and had tree eye views. But did you ever hear of a knothole view? The next time you take a long hike and are near an old barn or shed—or possibly in your own garage—you will see a stream of sunlight, like a shaft of fire, coming through a knothole.

Now just take a look, from where you stand, through that knothole. What do you see? Not much, I am sure. Just the round hole in the board. Walk up nearer to it and stand about ten feet away and you will be able to see through that knothole and perhaps notice the blue sky outside. Now go nearer to it and stand about three feet from the hole and what can you see? The clouds in the sky show up. Trees can be seen, but as you draw nearer still, you can see a house or two and a bit of grass land.

Now put your eye RIGHT UP TO the knothole and everything you see stands out sharply. You can tell the kind of bird that is sitting on a distant branch. You can even see clearer than with your two eyes when you are outdoors.

Are you living near enough to Jesus; are you standing and working and playing and praying close enough to Him so that you can see God, and all He wants you to do and be?

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