Object Lessons

Saving Power of Jesus

Objects: A Fish Out of Water

You have heard of people having life preservers on in the water—but did you ever hear of a fish having a life preserver on dry land? Well, there is a fish that lives in the waters of Africa that lives out of water. It is called the mud fish. You see some of the rivers of Africa dry up in certain seasons and all the fish die except one which God gave the ability to make a life preserver for itself.

In the first place it is a lung fish and when the water in the river is all gone, our friend starts rolling around until he is all rolled up in a mud ball. This ball hardens in the hot sun and the fish is safe inside until the rainy season comes and the mud ball softens and the fish breaks loose and goes hunting for food.

There are several out of water fish that live in America and Alaska and India. Then there is the four-eyed fish which goes hunting for food on shore as well as in the water. Like grandmother's glasses—one set for one kind of work (shore hunting) and another set for perhaps reading (water hunting).

As God gave the mud fish his life preserver so He has given you boys and girls and everybody Jesus Christ as our great Life Preserver. When things go wrong and we are tempted to evil which will surely hurt us then It is that we can just surround ourselves with thoughts of Him and He will save, for, says Paul: "He is able to succor them that are tempted."—Hebrews 2: 18.

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