Object Lessons

Revealing Christ

Objects: Newspapers

Next to the mail, I suppose the most fascinating thing that most of us get every day is the newspaper. Each member of the family wants a part of it—it is fortunate that it is put out in sections, for one wants the sporting pages, another the editorial page and probably mother and big sister like the fashions—of course everybody likes the funny pages, but the children get them first. All of it is news—every page has something to tell us that is different than yesterday—something new has happened.

You are like a newspaper. When you come in from play or home from school one look at you tells dad and mother if you have had a scrap with your little friend. You don't have to tell us; we can just read it right in your faces. Perhaps you have a poor report card to show— we know it before we see the card.

But when you just float in the front door and show two very bright shiny eyes, even though you hold back the smile, they can read right across your personality the fact that you went on an errand for Miss Teacher that morning or that you earned some word of praise from her.

I do hope that you will always try hard to have things go right so that people around you can read happiness in your face whenever and wherever they see you. I would like to have seen Jesus' face and His sparkling eyes and contagious smile when He was a boy.

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