Object Lessons

Reflecting Your Life

Objects: Mirror Said

Little May had gone to, bed pretty late the night before, so when she got up barely in time to get to school, without her breakfast, she was very, very cross. She snapped out her answers to everyone who spoke to her. As she passed the mirror in the hall as usual she glanced into it. She hardly knew the girl in there, frowning at her—you see the mirror usually smiled when she looked in it. So she took another look, then said to the mirror, "What's the matter, anyway? I don't like the looks of that girl." And the mirror said: "You get what you give when you have anything to do with me."

Well, May went on to school. Nothing seemed to go right. Her friends didn't want to play what she did, and she wouldn't play their way, so she was left out. The teachers were all the time scolding her for the smallest things. And then the climax came when she had to stay after school. When, finally, the teacher let her go home she said to her, " You know, May, you get what you give."

May thought it all over on the way home and as she entered the hall she smiled into the mirror there, and told it what it had said was true, for the mirror was smiling back at her. And so the whole family seemed to smile at her at supper; and the next day everything at school went along beautifully because she was giving beauty and thoughtfulness and radiant happiness.

Your mirror often tells you what your friends won't, that " you get what you give."

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