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Objects: A Pin

I wonder how many of you boys and girls have ever asked your father for " pin money." That expression came down to us from the period of Old Testament history when ladies began to use pins to hold their garments together. The pins of that ancient time were very valuable as they were made by hand and the best of them were made of gold or brass material which was also ornamental as well as useful. Ladies used to save up their money in order that they might buy a pin—a luxury.

The Bible makes mention of only two or three instances where pins are used and one of them is in the building of the Tabernacle where special brass pins are to be used in the court. Of course these large pins were used more as we would use a spike now.

The pin as we think of one is very small and insignificant but it takes a good many men to make one, even by machinery, as it has to go through many processes before it comes out in its perfect form.

A pin is straight. The brass or steel wire is examined carefully, and if it is found to be slightly crooked it is cast out. Boys and girls need to watch out in everything they do or say so that everybody will know them to be perfectly straight. You will notice also that pins are made with a " head " and a " point" and that they are bright. These are all separate processes.

God gave you a head too and He expects you to use it to keep your life bright and helpful having always a point or plan to do His will as Jesus has taught us all by His life.

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