Object Lessons

Reaching God

Objects: An Anchor

On a recent fishing trip out on the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat my guide reached a certain place and let a big anchor over the side. We fished a while and then took our bearings and discovered that we had been slowly drifting all the time and were quite a distance from where we let the anchor down.

The anchor was big enough but the rope was not long enough to reach bottom. Well, we were doing pretty well so instead of moving to shallow waters we just added a long strip of rope to the one already attached to the anchor.

Now I know that all you boys and girls have faith in God. You know that He loves you and will help you. But faith is more than just thinking and words: it is also doing. Reaching Him. It reminds me of two boys flying kites. One kite goes higher simply because that boy has a longer string.

Now if you really want your anchor of faith to reach clear to God one long rope I would suggest is unselfishness. If selfishness is attached to your faith it will never reach God and you will find yourself drifting and unhappy at times.

Then again when you find yourself out of sorts with everybody and especially at home or hateful towards your little friend—just throw that faith of yours towards God but first be sure that you have attached a long rope of love and kindness to it, for only in that frame of mind will you really know God and His Power to help.

Objects: Apples

In picking apples I have often wondered why it is that the best apples seem to grow high up in the tree. I presume it is so that we can reach for them.

I had a bad experience a few summers ago when I heard a man calling for help. He was an elderly man and when I finally found him he was hanging by his hands to a limb of a tree and his feet dangling about fifteen feet from the ground. Below him lay a ladder. He had placed the ladder against that limb and as he picked the nice big apples the limb raised up just enough to let the top of that ladder slip under it and fall.

You know that branch seemed to tell me that it was bending down with its rich ripe load, offering someone its apples who would just reach up and pick them. Then after they were picked that branch would again rise up towards the sun to resume its growing to be ready for next year.

Jesus came to this earth—and comes to each one of us—with the rich fruits of God's love, and honor and kindness and helpfulness. You may be sure that if you will always reach up for this fruit God will give it to you. Perhaps you cannot rise quite as high towards God as Jesus—but, by living by the wonderful things He offers, you too will grow in character, and as you reach higher and higher you will be enriched by God's love as you accept it from Jesus and so understand Him better. I hope too, like Jesus, you will offer that great life to those about you in such a way that they too will want to REACH for more.

Objects: A Cat

We all know the cat as a very fine house pet and he is also most useful in keeping the rats away, so let us examine our pet and see how God equipped him for usefulness and self-protection.

We have often heard that a cat can see better at night. That is not so, although he can see better than you can in the dark. You see God made his eyes with camera-like shutters so that in the bright sun they close almost together, letting in a very little light—and then at night those shutters are wide open so that every bit of available light can get in.

Now take a look at those whiskers. Like the bat who "sees" with his wings so the cat depends upon these half-dozen bristles for his safety at night. They sense danger before his eyes can see it.

His gloved hands are interesting. How soft and kind they are. But just let him see a bully dog and he waits for nothing; outcome twenty or more needle-like swords and they get right into action. Then, too, when we see those claws we think of climbing. How quickly he goes up a tree, but it takes the fire department to get him down! Like the young bugler in the Civil War who didn't play "Retreat" when ordered because he never learned it—so our friend the cat never learned how to back down.

You know, boys and girls, I think God placed some climbing claws of conscience in you to know the right and to reach it—and He never intended to have you back down from that right to wrongdoing, or to lower your character from its high standard as taught by Jesus.

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