Object Lessons

Protection with Christ

Objects: Wings

The thought for our parable today came to me when I saw an item in the news which said that there were no longer any birds in New York Harbor. You see the birds used to fly about over the water and dive down into it for food, which had been thrown overboard from boats. Now many of the boats burn oil, and the water surface is covered with it so that when the birds tried to rise from the water after diving in, their oil-soaked wings were unable to function.   They could not rise.

I am told that the greatest hazard of the airplane travel is freezing rain and snow,—sticking to the wings this sleet gathers, and unless removed, the plane becomes overweighed and is in grave danger of a forced landing, perhaps on some mountain or in some swamp.

I rather suspect that the reason birds are noticed to fly so low during a storm or cloudy weather is because of the rarity of the air, and their weight brings them to heavier atmosphere where their wings will sustain them much easier.

Sometimes we see boys and girls who never seem to rise very high in character, and I'm sure you will find it is because something holds them down—something that really should not be there—a bad habit of action or of speech; or perhaps just a frown. It is evident that Jesus never let anything keep Him from rising high, so let us study His life and live close to Him.

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