Object Lessons

Pointing to God

Objects: A Clock

I expect most of you boys and girls have an electric clock in your home. I was noticing mine the other day and I discovered that the important things about that clock to the average person were: the face and its three hands and of course the figures. But after all these are really not so important because all they do is record what they are told.

Of course those hands have to work pretty hard. Just watch them. One of them works twelve times faster than the so-called hour hand—and the third—well, I'll let you figure that out yourselves.

Now a clock is one of the most useful of instruments. Everybody wants to know what time it is to guide their actions, so that trains will run on time and danger be avoided. It gets you up in the morning so you won't miss being at an appointed place on time.

You know, boys and girls, I believe God wants you to be something like that—He wants you to always record the right so that those who do not know what it is will see clearly and learn from you. God wants you to point the way to Jesus—systematically all the time. It means work—sometimes harder than others—but if you decide to do it you will find that your strength is inside from God.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were loved and are still greatly honored because they did for the country we love what their conscience told them to be God's will. Washington's mother once said, "George has been a good boy so I'm sure he will do his duty."

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