Object Lessons

Need of God

Objects: Wells

A well is dug where there is most likely to be some water. If you should be in the middle of a desert, and very thirsty, you would look for a place where grass and trees were growing, for you would know that grass and trees cannot grow without water. You wouldn't dig a well on a sandy knoll—but in a green lower land.

A well that is dug deep finds water cool, pure and inexhaustible. I recall a well which went dry every summer until we drove it deeper by several feet, and since then that well has had plenty of water for all who use it.

A well is lined by the use of cement or stone to protect and preserve the water from poison and filth and sand.

So, my young friends, you come to church each Sunday because you feel that God is here and that if you are eager and reverent and studious, you will hear Him talk to you; you will understand what He wants of you; and that He is always ready to help you. Having found where God is—and having dug deep into His Love you will practice the things you have learned and so be protected against the many temptations that come to you. You will be refreshed with God's will to be able to stand alone.

Jesus tells us to dig the well of life deep in the love of God and find living water.

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