Object Lessons

Nearness to God

Objects: Shadows

How tall you appear to be at sunset—measured by your shadow. With the sun down near the horizon at your back your shadow stretches out and out a long way. Of course, by the process of mathematics, you can get your actual height by measuring your shadow.

I read a story, not long ago, about a cat who liked to catch mice. He didn't want them because he was hungry —he just wanted to play with them, watch them run then pounce on them again. One day a wise mouse thought he would fool Mr. Cat so he came out of his hole and ran to a table where a lighted lamp set. He stood up very close to the light and of course cast a great big shadow—so big that when the cat came along and saw it he thought it must be a dog and ran pell-mell out into the shed.

Sometimes a luckless fisherman who has caught only a few six-inch lake trout holds them at arm's length near the lens of the camera and when the picture reaches home his family sees them about fourteen inches long.

If you want to cast a big shadow stand close to the light that makes it.

Boys and girls, God wants you to be a great influence in your community—to cast big shadows of love and happiness around you. The only way to do it is to stand close to God who makes that influence possible through you. I'm sure Jesus stood very close to God because His influence today is just as big as it ever was.

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