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Objects: A Sieve

I just wonder how many of you boys and girls have ever seen one of those great big threshing machines. The grain is cut in the field and brought to the machine. The bundles are put into the front end and it all goes in—and down—and around through to the other end and comes out.

Now the stock or the straw comes out on top and somebody stands and pitches it back out of the way. The chaff comes out just below, and way down underneath out comes the grain whole and clean.

That threshing machine is just a large sieve.

You watch your mother sift her flour the next time she makes a cake or a batch of doughnuts—after it's all through that sieve the fine white flour is in the bowl and, if there is a piece of paper in the flour, it stays in the sieve.

Gold miners, I am told, used to use sieves to wash the dirt through and the pieces of gold would be left in the pan.

I have often used the wind as a sieve. When the wind is blowing gently you can take a dish of grain or a bag of marbles and hold it high and let the contents drop into a basket on the ground and the wind blows the dirt and chaff off to one side and leaves the contents in the basket clean.

How about you? Are you easily blown about like chaff by what others do or say? Or are you dependable and strong and sound? I hope you keep yourself free from chaff—all grain pure and clean.

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