Object Lessons

Making Life Attractive

Objects: A Spider

How many of you young folks like spiders? I thought so, and yet spiders are harmless—most of them. I will admit though that they look a bit ugly, and they are such crawly-feeling creatures, but I know of no other insect animal more interesting to watch. There are so many different kinds of spiders and they each seem to have their own way of building their home. For instance, there is the water spider who goes up for a bubble and takes it down to his home for ventilation.

I think Mrs. Spider who weaves her own home before breakfast in the morning is one of the most interesting of creatures. She finds her little corner and throws out a few lines of silk for a scaffold upon which to stand while working and then begins her real house of a better grade of silk. Somewhere among her tools of work she carries glue with which she cements each cross section. After she has laid a few strands of her house securely she tears down the scaffolding and continues her weaving towards the center.

Her home completed, she waits for breakfast to land in her kitchen. It soon comes, because the spider's home is built so attractively that Mr. Fly wants to see what it's all about.

I hope each day of this coming year will be used by you as a silken thread of service and kindness and obedience in your home, all of you bound together with the love of Jesus so that you will find happiness in feasting upon friendship with those who find your home attractive.

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