Object Lessons


Objects: Pigeons

Less than one hundred years ago the sun would often be blotted out as by a cloud, by a flock of pigeons flying over. There would be billions of these tiny birds in the flock which would extend two hundred miles in length, and their noise could be heard for three miles around.

Now, I am told, there is a standing offer of one thousand dollars for a pair of real passenger pigeons, the last one having died in 1914. However, this is only one species of the great family of pigeons. It's not only a varied family of many thousand species but it is also an old family. Noah used one, and pigeons were held in high esteem by the Old Testament Hebrews as sacrifices. They have been used as food and carriers for thousands of years before Christ. They are known as birds of peace and loyalty. When they know where they are supposed to go they reach that place or die in the attempt. Recall the incident of the "Yankee pigeon" who helped win the world war and won a medal of honor for himself. "Cher Ami" was entrusted with a message to tell of the plight of the Lost Battalion. Cher Ami got through with the message with a broken leg to General Pershing, and fainted.   But he was a happy bird.

The pigeon's sense of direction is accurate and he travels nearly forty miles an hour.

I wonder if you keep your mind so stayed on God that you are always on the straight course that Jesus has told you about. Let us all strive to have peace and loyalty to God as our aim of character, and speed directly, even at a sacrifice, towards that goal.

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