Object Lessons


Objects: A Ring

Dandelions are in blossom, and there are a lot of them. I am wondering if you do what I used to do when I was a small youngster—pick the dandelions with long stems and snip off the flower and carefully bend the stem so that the small end can be fitted into the larger end and so make a more or less perfect ring. Then I would take another stem and put it through the first ring and make another, and so on until I had made a long chain of dandelion rings.

Now that dandelion chain was pretty and quite strong, but if I wanted a chain to hold my watch, which I think a great deal of, I would go to the jeweler's and find a chain of gold or silver rings.

I drove by a big standpipe last week and I noticed that besides being riveted together it was also held by about twenty-five or more great steel rings, or bands.

This is Mother's Day, boys and girls, and when you get home I suggest that you start building a RING of love. Perhaps your mother and father wear a little gold ring. That is just a symbol that they are held together with pure love, and that you are held with them inside that ring of love, and that ring holds strong because God is there, and in it, and there is no selfishness there, because mother has taught you that God wants you to reach out and include others in your sing of love, that the whole world may be held together in Christian peace and happiness.

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