Object Lessons

Living Up to Ideals

Objects: A Weigh Scale

There seems to be something about one of those penny weighing machines that is most popular with youngsters. What fun they have, when a boy or a girl is being weighed, in quietly placing an extra foot on the platform and watching the indicator go up.

A see-saw is a sort of weighing machine. Two children of equal weight will climb on to the cross plank, one on each end and the see-saw balances perfectly—and then they push themselves up and down. If their weight is unequal then one of them has more work to do.

Once, gold used to be weighed out in a scale that looked very much like a see-saw. An ounce weight would be placed on one end of the crossbar and then the gold would be placed on the other end until it balanced the ounce weight.

When scales do not quite balance it is called short weight or cheating.

God wants you to accept great ideals for yourselves—of honesty, of truth and unselfishness and loyalty; study the teachings of Jesus and make Him your ideal and then all through your life try everlastingly to balance your ideal with your words and your actions and your religious duties.

You know very well what God wants of you—you know what your father and mother want of you. It's up to you to balance all this by doing it. What is your weight, boys and girls? Are you trying to balance the scales?

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