Object Lessons

Living for God

Objects: An Old Water Tub

Most everybody loves a horse; at least they do if they know horses. A horse is about the most human of all animals. He is a great pet and loves attention. But a horse also works for you if you treat him kindly and take good care of him. He gets tired and hungry and thirsty just as you do.

Now when I was a small boy there were no automo­biles, so when we wanted to go ten miles it took half the day to jog along the dusty roads. Furthermore the horse was working so he had to have a drink once or twice during the trip. Therefore, at intervals of about three to five miles there would be a water tub with clean fresh water running into it. Each year workmen would clean out that tub and the spout.

Last summer, up in New Hampshire on that hilly road from Bath to Woodsville, the radiator of my car needed some water. I remembered that there was a water tub just around the next bend. Sure enough, it was there BUT IT WAS FULL OF SAND, AND THE SPOUT WAS BROKEN SO THE WATER WAS NOT RUNNING INTO THE TUB AT ALL but down the sides. I hope someone has straightened up that tub and cleaned it out and fixed the spout so there will be nice fresh water for anyone who needs it.

I think I know now just what Jesus meant when He stood at that well and talked about Living Water. Let us try our hardest, boys and girls, to keep our bodies clean and sound; to keep out bad habits and bad language, so that God will and can fill our life with His love, that others may be refreshed and helped on their way.

Objects: A Pail of Milk

A young girl was asked to carry a pail of milk from the cooler into the house for her mother to use. It had been in the cooler for some hours and the cream had risen to the top as all good cream has the habit of doing. The pail was very full and the little girl had quite a hard time in carrying it all the way up the path to the house.

But she finally arrived at the house with her load—or part of it—for all along the path could be noted here and there little wet spots where some of the contents of that pail had been left. You see the pail was too full and she spilled quite a lot of it as she tugged it along. Furthermore she was scolded for spilling it because what went out of the pail onto the ground was from the top and it was all pure cream. Her mother told her she should have emptied some of it into another pail and made two trips. Of course that is what she should have done—but little Marie thought she could save time, but she really lost a lot of valuable cream. I believe Jesus says something about if we try too hard to save our life we may lose it— but if we lose it in our duty and work hard for the right we will save our life.

It would seem to me to have been much better to have carried that pail three quarters full and saved it all than to have carried it full and spilled a quarter of it.

God wants all of you—everything you've got—in the way of ability. See that He gets it all and don't waste any part of your life.

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