Object Lessons

Keeping Pleasant

Objects: Snuffers

The very next time you go to visit your grandmother ask her if she has a pair of old-fashioned snuffers about somewhere. Perhaps she never used them but her mother did a long, long time ago when candles were used for light to read by.

I saw a pair the other day in my old home in New Hampshire. They look very much like a pair of scissors and work the same way, but they carry a little box on them, and, of course, they are not sharp as scissors must be.

I always thought snuffers were used just to extinguish the candle flame but I learned some time ago they had another purpose which was really more important, especially so for our parable this morning. You see when my grandmother was reading a book, sometimes during the evening the candle would seem to grow dim in brightness so she would get up from her chair and pick up the snuffers and snip off the black dirty charred wick but leave the flame, and how much brighter that light shined. The charred wick fell into that little box where no one would see it or step on it.

I suppose an electric bulb would last longer and give brighter light if those tiny wires could be cleaned once
in a while.

God set you here to be a bright shining light for Him to show your friends the best way to live. Sometimes boys and girls get sulky, and black words hide the brightness of your usefulness for Jesus. Then it is that you need to reach in to your conscience and find a way to clip off that bad disposition and let the light of joy and happiness and smiles shine up brightly again.

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