Object Lessons

Keeping Happy

Objects: A CD Music and Player

Every boy and girl loves a parade. They like to stand and watch one go by. Better still they like to march in it themselves. That straight line looks grand to everyone and how well they keep in step. But the best part of all is the band. How easy it is to march when the band is playing. Those drums and cymbals, trumpets, fifes and trombones.

I used to know a lad whom people called "Whistling John." He lived out in the country on a farm, and sometimes his father would send him to the barn in the evening on some errand. It was pretty dark around that barn so he would always start whistling; it seemed to give him a little more courage so he wasn't quite so scared, sometimes he would be coming home from the village after dark and how he would whistle when going through that stretch of woods.

And then I noticed that when he had to do something that he didn't want to he would start in whistling to himself, quietly.

So let me suggest to you that when there is something you find hard to do, try doing it to music. And when things go wrong or you have to work when you want to play, get some music started in your heart. Keep in tune with Jesus and march happily ahead in a straight line and with determined step.

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