Object Lessons

Keeping Fit for God's Word

Objects: A Wheel

The balance wheel of your watch travels some four thousand miles in one year. It doesn't go anywhere—and the only ground it covers is less than half an inch. However, it's that tiny balance wheel that gets you to school and the parties and to church on time, yes, even the Boston and Maine, Canadian Pacific trains are dependent on that little balance wheel.

Speaking of balance wheels I understand that great ships have them, although they are called gyroscopes. Your bicycle wheel is a form of a balance wheel when it is going fast—for you would find that you would fall off and roll upside down if the wheels stopped turning. It's the turning wheel that keeps you balanced.

Some time ago I missed a train because I looked at my watch and it was ten minutes past eight and when I looked again it was still ten minutes past eight. Now the watch was all right but something had caused the balance wheel to stop functioning and so to give me the wrong time.

You and I are God's balance wheels to keep this world right and right side up and ever moving forward in character. In order to function properly for God and His plan for the world we have to be kept wound up with true character and honesty. More than that as a balance wheel we must keep clean and well oiled with love and unselfishness. Only because of us can the world keep its proper balance and keep moving forward.

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