Object Lessons

Keeping Up Your Task

Objects: Airplanes

I saw a small bird alight, rather unexpectedly, on a patch of soft snow in the yard. I watched him a few minutes. He fluttered and floundered about and tried so hard to take off and fly away but he just could not get out of that snow and into the air. Finally with a little help he rose and flew away. How fast he flew and how strong he seemed to be in flight. I admired that bird.

Most airplanes have no trouble taking off but, due to winds or storms, and sometimes lack of fuel, one occasionally falls to the earth on some mountain side.

Charles Lindbergh never worried about the take-off but he studied very carefully the weather conditions, the winds and the air currents and the seasons, and how to handle his plane in flight.

So, my young friends, I thought of you. How easy it is to start something—and then fall down in flight, when it's half done. You like to get out the old playthings from the attic—but when you are through playing do you put them back?

You are anxious to play the violin or the piano and you start in beautifully and enthusiastically, I wonder if you keep it up and practice every day so that you will reach your destination of being a good player.

The take-off is important of course, but somehow it seems to be the sustained flight that gets you there. Sticking to the thing you start makes for success in reaching the goal.

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