Object Lessons

Importance of Christ

Objects: A Magnifying Glass

Boys,—how important is that football game in your back yard? And you girls,—how important is it that you make that cake for your dolly on Saturday morning when mother is so busy? You think it is pretty terrible to be stopped. But you see we parents don't always see the importance of the thing you were about to do.

That game, or that play, to you is most important because your interest is on that one thing. It is fortunate for you that you are able to switch your interest some­times to another game and be happy again.

Now then, it is your interest that makes things impor­tant to you. You see, hanging up your hat and coat, putting away playthings and keeping your neck and ears clean, are not so important to you because your interest is not strong enough.

Your Interest is like a magnifying glass which makes things appear bigger and therefore more important to you.

I see a tiny speck in the air—I look through the binoculars and find that it is an airplane which is probably carrying one or two people. I try to read the Lord's Prayer which someone printed on this dime, but I have to have a magnifying glass in order to do so. To many boys and girls school is important because they are inter­ested in knowing more and more.

Your interest in the church, in the Bible and prayer magnifies GOD so that others will, through you, get interested too.

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