Object Lessons


Objects: A Beanstalk

I was preaching about Jonah one Sunday and spoke of the gourd which, you remember, grew up in a single night and the next night it was gone. It recalls that story I used to read, and I presume you too have enjoyed, of "Jack and the Beanstalk."

Well, after I read that story I went out and did something about it—I planted a climbing bean vine right at the foot of a small apple tree. Pretty soon the plant came up and grew very rapidly—so fast indeed that it became rather proud and said to the tree, " I'll soon beat you and see how long you have been growing. You are nearly ten years old and I am only three weeks."

The apple tree felt a little bit sad but said not a word.

Very soon the beanstalk was flippantly waving above the topmost branch of the apple tree—a winner in growth.

Still the tree said nothing—perhaps it was too sad to speak—but soon the first frost of fall came one night and, like the gourd, the beanstalk was no more and I pulled it down for it had been so anxious to grow high that it forgot to bear any fruit.

The apple tree still said nothing but smilingly it gave me the finest of apples and the frost had very little effect on it and the next spring it just kept on growing and giving fruit.

So God wants to grow worthwhile men and women out of young boys and girls by their careful preparation day by day, and year by year, following the example of Jesus Christ in usefulness and conduct.

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