Object Lessons

How to See Jesus

Objects: Mountains

There is a very high mountain sixty miles from here. Can you see it from your front door? No, of course you can't. You can't see that far anyway, from where you stand on the ground. If you really want to see that mountain at that distance just get into an airplane or a balloon and rise above the houses,—above the trees and over the little hills, way up into the clouds,—and then there it is, snow-capped possibly, the mountain peak sixty miles away.

The higher one goes the more one can see of the earth's surface.

I wonder if you boys ever watched one of the big league baseball games, or a college football game. If you have you have seen boys distributed around, some in trees and some on the roof of a house or a garage. They just did not have the price of admission so they climbed a tree to get above the fence obstruction. What a silly thing It is to build a nice ball park and then fence it in.

Did you ever climb a tree or telephone pole so that you could see what the crowd was so interested in on the street corner? Of course you have. That reminds us of Zaccheus who was in the same predicament; he wanted to see Jesus and being a short man he could not on account of the crowd so he climbed up into a tree.

You too can see Jesus now and feel Him near you if your thoughts are clean and noble and high above the low wicked things about us.

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