Object Lessons


Objects: Rails

A boy sat in a comfortable seat in one of those fast air-conditioned trains not long ago. He was looking out of the window and after a time his gaze wandered to the track running parallel to the track that his train was on. For a minute he could hardly believe what he saw. He rubbed his eyes and looked again—sure enough—those rails were crooked. He thought about it. Why, only a few hours before his own train, on which he was going to town, had gone over that very track. All of a sudden he jumped back, as a big engine fairly tore into his face —and riding right over those crooked rails.

Something queer had happened when the boy jumped back. He had moved his position and after the other train had passed he looked again at those jails and they were straight. All the time it was a flaw in the window glass that made those rails look crooked.

You go out tonight and look at a star—does it twinkle ? Oh no. It is the atmosphere through which you are looking that makes the star appear to jiggle a little.

I do hope you never say rude and hateful things about one another or about your teachers. It may be that that other child or teacher is, like the rail, straight and, like the star, steady, and it is your own selfish, perhaps jealous thoughts, like the window through which you look, that needs cleaning or changing.

Let your thoughts be pure and clean, even like Jesus, and you will see other people a whole lot straighter.

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