Object Lessons

Helping Others to God

Objects: Binoculars

Binoculars are two-eyed magnifying glasses.

When you can't reach something on a high shelf, what do you do? I think I know. You stand on tiptoe and reach. Or you stand in a chair—after you have put an old paper on the seat. Or another way is to get a stick and poke it off. You stretch and reach for the thing that is hard to get. That is just what binoculars do for your eyes. They reach out and bring the object closer to you in vision.

Do you find it hard to know God? The best way is to find out how Jesus lived and acted and then pray that you may be something like Him. Then you will surely see and know God a whole lot better.

A long time ago a small child of very poor parents was very, very sick. The father and mother were too poor to even have a doctor or the right food for the child. One day a lady came to the house and went in to cheer the child. When that lady left everyone was happy. She had made it possible for the child to have a doctor and better food.

The child got well and grew stronger, so that one day he climbed a tree, as boys do, to see the royal parade go past, and as he watched he recognized Queen Victoria as the lady who made life happier for him and his home.

You know sometimes it is just such little kindnesses and helps that act as binoculars to make you and others see God a whole lot clearer.

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