Object Lessons

Helpfulness for God

Objects: An Elastic Band

I saw a boy sailing one of those toy airplanes yesterday and I noticed that it stayed up and circled around for a long time, so when it finally came down I asked to see it. I noted it had a propeller like a real airship and upon further examination I saw that a rubber band stretched from that propeller to the rear of the plane. My friend, the boy, turned the propeller 'round and 'round until that elastic band was twisted up tightly and then when the ship was in the air the elastic untwisted causing the propeller to turn rapidly enough to keep the machine in the air and in motion for several minutes.

When I want to hold several envelopes together I usually reach into my desk drawer and take out an elastic band and stretch it over the packet keeping all the enve­lopes in their right order.

The function of an elastic band seems to be to stretch in order to fit the work it has to do. On the desk, each of the two bands I have referred to would be about two inches and a half long, but when they were working they could stretch to six or eight inches or even longer.

I believe God wants you boys and girls to be something like that—only it takes longer for you to stretch to do what He has for you to do. You see studying at school and church stretches out your mind and exercise develops your body and gives it lasting strength. I've seen some people too lazy and thoughtless to even try to stretch—they want all the pleasures with no work to do. You know Jesus was so eager to do God's work that He stretched Himself even to include Him and so was able to do miracles at times.

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