Object Lessons


Objects: Gathering Sunshine

I laid my eyeglasses down on my desk and leaned back in my chair to think. In a few minutes, as I was about to start writing again, I noticed a very small round spot of very bright light on the Bible before me which is always on my desk. I picked up my glasses that I might see better, and that spot of light disappeared. The sun was not shining on that Book—but my glasses had been resting in a bit of sunshine.

That set me to thinking about you boys and girls.

One of the lenses in those spectacles just gathered up all it could of the sunshine on my desk and brought it to­gether in one little but very bright flaming spot of light, so that my attention was drawn to, not only the Bible but to the verse which that spot of sunshine pointed out. So I read that verse and the whole chapter.

I am told that a fire can be started by a piece of glass held in the sunshine over a piece of paper or dry wood. I do know that, as boys, we used to like to gather a lot of that sunshine and focus it on the back of some boy's neck.

Do you know, I was thinking that I believe God depends on you and me to gather all the knowledge of Jesus we can; all the love and thoughtfulness we can find, and then focus our lives on boys and girls who are not in Sunday School and Church, and make them want to come. Or upon young folks who do and say unkind and hateful things so that they will see Christ's Way.

It seems to me that that is what Jesus was always doing: letting the light of His life shine for others that they may be helped.

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