Object Lessons


Objects: White Lines

As you are riding along in your father's car you see on most of our roads, especially at a turn, a little white line. Now just what is that line for? Right in the center of the road it seems to pop up at you and say: "Danger "— "Keep on your own side of the road." "Keep to the right" or "No passing on this hill." And you will notice that your father is pretty careful to obey that little white line, because the voice of that line speaks the law of the right way.

For me and for many motorists, one day last fall, that white line had another message. It was a terribly foggy night. I could not see the road twenty feet ahead of the car. I could not see the side of the road at all. The only thing that was clearly seen was that little white line which I knew was in the center of the road.—So to me that white line, instead of saying " Danger " and the other things I have mentioned, said:—"Follow along closely beside me, and you will be safe." So for miles and miles I drove right up beside that white line but always on my own side of it, and we all arrived home safely.

I was thinking that you and I have a lot of foggy times when we can't see clearly what is the right thing to do; or the right thing to say. Sometimes we do things too much in the dark when we should have asked someone about it.

Keep your thoughts on Jesus, boys and girls, and He will show you the right way by the many white lines of His life and His counsel. He will surely guide you.

Objects: Signs

Have you ever been riding along in the car beside your father when you saw a sign which read: "Men Working—Go Right"? Dad slowed down a bit but there didn't seem to be very much obstruction so he drove straight along through, and past the sign. But he had to suddenly stop for right in front of him was an open ditch and just at that moment you heard that familiar whistle, and those fearful words: " Didn't you see that sign? " Well, dad, the sign was there and you read it.

Ah, and what a lure a "Wet Paint" sign on a park bench has to every boy and girl. It really says "Detour," "Go Right," but someone dares you to sit down and,— well, what happens when you reach home?

Many boys and girls are killed each year because they dared a "No Skating—Thin Ice" sign.

So you see, my young friends, there is more to it than merely reading the sign—a policeman has to tell you to go right. Now that policeman may be a uniformed man with a whistle or the small voice of your own thoughts and your conscience.

You see all about you a lot of " Go Right" signs set up by your mother and father, your pastor, teachers and the Scouts,—and before you do things you have been taught to be wrong and vulgar and sinful, just talk it over with God and go right with Him.

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