Object Lessons

Good Measure for God

Objects: A Cup

A cup is a receptacle made to hold nourishment, such as water or milk for you to drink.

Have you ever been with a group of boys or girls hiking along a dusty, back road and suddenly realize that you are very thirsty? You walk and walk seemingly for miles and then you see a pump with a cup hanging from a long chain invitingly. How thankful you are and relieved to know that, at last, you can have a drink.

Do you remember the time when you just ran to that pump with one last spurt of strength in you and grabbed up the cup, only to find that the bottom had all broken out because of rust? What a terrible disappointment, even though you were able to lap up a little at a time as you pumped the handle up and down.

Recall the story of Gideon, how God chose for him his three hundred wide-awake men to battle for him. Just look it up in the seventh chapter of Judges—it's a most interesting story. They made a cup of their hand and sipped it out—or as the story goes they "lapped" it up.

It really seems to me that your life here is a kind of cup to hold God's love, and blessing and kindness and helpfulness; not only for your own good but that others, who are thirsty for God, may find Him in you—loyal, trustworthy and clean.

Is your life so filled? Always ready with God's love and even like Jesus’, "running over"?

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