Object Lessons

God's Care

Objects: The Ear

God has made us so wonderfully for our protection and use, that I wish I might tell you all about the intricate workings of each organ in our body. I'm sure we would take better care of ourselves.

I think the ear is one of the most interesting of God's creation for our body. The next time you have a chance take some very fine sand or better yet, some steel filings, and sift them on a steel plate and you will notice that they form, by a slight vibration, interesting patterns. A stone thrown into a lake forms a regular pattern. If you could see a blast from a trumpet you would find that it makes a sort of air pattern. Now these air vibrations are picked up by the ear, and passing through the drum head set three tiny bones to vibrating. These little bones, in a most complicated way, cause a liquid lake to ripple and a pattern is formed. Scores of the tiniest of nerves from the brain have one end resting in this pool of liquid and each one is keyed to carry its individual sound pattern to the brain which tells you whether it's a clap of thunder or some girl chewing gum, or, in contrast, beautiful organ music.

It also registers your voice and the voices of others, and God has great hopes that you boys and girls will want the best music and the best words and happy laugh­ter always registering in and through your life.

Objects: The Heart

There is probably a heater in your cellar by which your whole house is kept warm in winter, and that furnace is usually placed as near the center as is convenient. Well, your heart is the heating plant for your body and it is situated, not on your left side, but right near the center.

When you open the door of some big factory you usually hear the din of the machinery working, everything is going smoothly but oh, what a noise. The same thing goes on in your body and if you want to hear it just get two hollow shells and put them tightly to your ears and the whirring sound you hear is the machinery within you. Like the factory machinery, your heart works only nine hours a day. You see the heart works when it contracts and forces the blood through the ventilating system to your body, then it relaxes or rests just a slightly longer period.

The heart works very hard. Just pause a moment and think what it does and then perhaps you will be careful what you do to overwork it. With every contraction it moves six ounces of blood—that means in twenty-four hours nearly eleven tons of blood has been moved. Too much chocolate candy will make the heart work overtime and if it is kept up it may cause trouble. It should be looked after and kept from overwork for it is God's pump in you that keeps the body free from disease, so that you can always be alert to be about the work He wants you to do for Him through His Church as told us by Jesus.

Objects: The Ostrich

When God created the ostrich He gave us one of the finest and most interesting of birds. It is often called the "Express Train," or "The Camel of the Desert." But more appropriately, in these days, it might well be called "The Speed Plane of the Air." However the best name would be the "Giant's Boomerang" for our feathered friend the ostrich, although he can attain a speed of from forty to sixty miles per hour, will always run in circles. Starting at a given point he will eventually return to that locality. At top speed he is the swiftest animal in the world; one stride will often measure twenty-five feet. God has given this beautiful animal-bird many other means of protecting himself besides speed. He is the strongest fighter of all bird-animals; and he is not silly enough to think he is hidden when his head is in the sand, but he knows that a small bush will hide him because God made his feathers so much like the bushes in color.

The Bible calls the ostrich "cruel" but that is because it has to fight to protect its home and its eggs in the sand, for either father or mother ostrich always keeps watch of those buried eggs until they hatch by the warmth of the sun. I believe they would die rather than have them stolen and their eyes are so sharp that they can see four miles to detect a friend or foe.

God has given us the ability to know sin and wrong, a long way off, and He expects us to fight them and protect our character.

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