Object Lessons

God Helps Us Live

Objects: Our Standing Army

Forty-five billion, just think of it. There are not that many people in the whole world—yet there is a mighty host of forty-five billion fighting to keep you healthy and strong.

Your blood is divided into tiny cells, and we call them the white cells and the red cells—and the white cells are fighting all the time to keep out the enemy of some disease from surging through your system.

When a disease germ does get started in your body those white cells mobilize and often increase their numbers in order to fight off that disease until the germ is finally routed. Of course sometimes, I am sad to say, this standing army loses out.

You see God placed that great army in our body because He knew that disease germs are all about us and in us ready to attack when we become weakened and that army is not properly fed and cared for. That's why mother wants you to go to bed at eight o'clock instead of ten. And that is why she wants you to eat the right things. That is why we all want you to act and think right so that that standing army will be kept healthy and be able to fight off all sickness and make you strong.

I have discovered that God always is working for us, and if we will do our part and try to understand what He wants us to do we shall find life very happy and healthy.

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