Object Lessons

Giving Up Bad Habits

Objects: Baskets

One of the first baskets you ever heard about held a tiny baby. It was hidden in the bulrushes and the baby was found and grew up to be that very fine man and great leader Moses. Saul was also saved in a basket. He decided to become a Christian and follow the teachings of Jesus, so he joined the other disciples and had his name changed to Paul. You remember the story tells us that he was about to be killed, by the enemies of Christ, because of his preaching, but just before they could arrest him, one of the disciples told Paul to get into a basket. Then they tied a heavy rope to the handles and let him down from one of the back windows of the house they were in and he fled to safety.

In the New Testament we read how Jesus had been preaching all day to thousands of people and they were very hungry, and He commanded that they sit down and He fed them all with bread and fishes, and there was so much food left over that it took twelve baskets to hold it.

There is yet another kind of basket that is familiar to all of you. It is the wastebasket. Wastebaskets are numerous. You find them in school, in the office, at home and at church. They hold the things we don't want or are through using. Once in a great while something valuable gets into the wastebasket.

How nice it would be if we would throw some of our words and acts of unkindness and many of our habits into the wastebasket and never use them again.

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